What is Anonny?

Anonny is simple.  You create a text message that gets stored on the server and you get a code (a "nonny") that corresponds to that text message.  To retrieve the message, you simply type in the code and read or copy the message.  After the message is retrieved it is deleted from the server.

Who would use Anonny?

As technology advances, it gets harder and harder to maintain privacy in our daily lives.  Cell phones are tracked, text messages are stored and computers get hacked.  Besides the four horseman of the infopocalypse (drug-dealers, money-launderers, terrorists, and politicians) any person who wants an extra layer of privacy when they are communicating might want to use Anonny.

Is Anonny really anonymous?

Is anything on the net really anonymous?  In theory the main feature of Anonny is that the text message resides on the server and not on your PC or phone.  What gets sent around is a code which is more secure than the text message. Additional precautions such as using Tor (www.torproject.org) and message encryption (e.g. PGP) would add to the anonymity.   You can use private browsing features on your browser to try to prevent caching of web pages and browsing history.  We don’t use cookies.  We don't log who made or picked up Anonnys.  But mostly we don’t care who you are or why you are using Anonny.  So our advice is to assume the worst and hope for the best.

What can go “wrong?”

Anonny is NOT 100% reliable. Nor is it intended to be. Several things can disrupt the retrieving of the correct message by the intended reader as well as others we haven’t thought about.

  • Someone reads the message before the intended recipient.  Maybe someone typed in a wrong code and got your message by mistake or someone finds your code and reads the message before you.
  • General system failure.  Maybe the net connection broke or the server crashed.
  • People sending out bogus codes to you.  Or maybe they pretend to be someone else and then send a misleading message. 

The fact that Annony is not 100% certain is also a feature.  It allows for “plausible deniability.”   If no one can prove absolutely you either sent or received a message you can always deny it.  They might think you are lying but it's possible you didn’t do it ; )

Bottom Line:  Anonny is for entertainment purposes only.  Real anonymity and security on the net is a difficult and complicated task.  Using this to facilitate illegal activities would be a really dumb idea.